Low Cost Dental Care for Children

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Benefits of Dental Care for Children

Parents: Did You Know?

Kids who regularly get dental care concentrate and learn better in school. They tend to be healthier, get sick less often and have fewer missed school days. Good dental health can improve your child's overall health, helping them get sick less often.

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We Provide Great Dental Care for Kids!

Affordable Dental Care for KidsClinica is here to provide great dental care for children from birth - 18. Our dentists often can reverse cavities and gum disease. We can help your child prevent dental problems and illness. And we have special training in making children feel comfortable.

Low Cost Children's Dental Care

All of Clinica's dentists take Medicaid and CHP+ and we also offer discounts to make it affordable for parents to make sure their kids get great dental care. And Medicaid may cover all of a child's dental visit, so please ask us when you make an appointment. 

Convenient Appointment Times

We're accepting new patients. Find a dental exam time that's convenient for you. Ask about evening hours and same-day appointments.

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Two Centrally Located Dental Clinics

Pecos Dental Clinic

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Thornton Dental Clinic

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Parents, what are you waiting for?

Get great, low cost dental care for your children. Clinica offers evening hours and convenient appointment times.

All of our dentists take Medicaid, which may cover all of your child's dental care. We also offer discounts to keep your costs lower. 

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