Clinica Family Health offers patients a variety of ways to get the health care they need. One popular model is the group visit. A group visit brings 8-12 patients with the same health need together in a casual setting (not a standard exam room). A Clinica staff member facilitates the group and encourages patients to share their wisdom, questions and experience with others in the room. Patients receive all of the care they would during a one-on-one visit, and they also receive additional health education and support. Most groups last about 90 minutes. Participating in groups is voluntary, but many patients find group visits more enjoyable -- and fun! -- than one-on-one care.

We offer the following types of group visits at Clinica: 

  • Centering Pregnancy

  • Centering Parenting

  • Diabetes

  • Embracing Pain

  • Anticoagulation

  • Choose to Live Healthy

  • Healthy Weight at Low Cost

  • Retinal Screening

  • Initial Prenatal

  • Newborn

  • Parenting Girls

  • Cold & Flu

  • Flu Shot

  • Back-to-School Physical

Not all group visits are offered at all locations. Check with your health care team for a list of groups available at your location. For more information or to sign up for a group, please call our Communications Center at 303.650.4460.


Thank you to the Centering Health Institute, our Centering Pregnancy partner. To learn more about Centering Pregnancy or the Centering Health Institute, click the button below. 

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